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Niroga Center Store

Raja Yoga DVD with sequences that encapsulate a lifetime of home/personal Yoga practice.

These sequences help develop, sustain, and deepen one's practice at every level - beginning to advanced.

Watch Yoga Sequences:
Introductory - 34min -- Watch Intro Clip
Beginning - 38min -- Watch Beginner Clip
Intermediate - 44min -- Watch Intermediate Clip
Advanced - 47min -- Watch Advanced Clip
Teacher Interviews - 30min
Total Running Time: over 3 hours

DVD Features:
*Introductory, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Sequences (like taking 4 complete classes with BK at 4 different levels)
*Each yoga sequence offers the option of listening to instructions and/or music from contemplative traditions (Bamboo flute, Sitar, Viola, and Cello by Elaine Kreston).
*Two Interviews with Bidyut K. Bose; History and Philosophy of Yoga, and How to Use the DVD.

Bidyut K. Bose Biography:
Bidyut Bose is a long time student of Indian Philosophy and world religions. Having earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley, his present research interests include the science of flexibility and the mechanisms of aging, and the scientific application of Raja Yoga for common chronic conditions. Inspired by Swami Vivekananda, he founds Niroga Institute, a non-profit dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality Yoga instruction and Yoga therapy to underserved individuals and families. All proceeds from the sale of this DVD will go to Niroga.

Purchase Information:
Order by Mail/Fax
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Item Description - Raja Yoga DVD
Item Number - 2
Price - $40.00 (includes tax)
Shipping/Handling - Free

Customer Reviews
"It's wonderful! It's just wonderful!" - Carolyn S

"It's very, very well done, and the instructions are very clearly explained!" - Pravin S

"I love it! I'm practicing with it regularly" - Connie P

"Its great! I've been practicing with the DVD daily. Its affecting many other aspects of my life." - Al C

"I've started using the dvd and enjoy it very much! It's by far the most sattvic and artistic yoga instruction production that we've seen. Thanks to you and your students for your dedication and hard work." - Diana L

"Cool - we love the dvd - use it regularly (one of my knees is tender, but I can work around that to some degree). I'm beginning to think some of the excercises may be helping my foot? We'll see. Doing the dvd has led me to renew some work on body areas I've let slide, while other areas are fine, since I've been doing those excercises regularly for decades. The dvd also encourages me to push myself a little more than doing them on my own." - Perkins